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Protect Your Business! Know Your Customer!

Every website falls into a business.  Websites are created and gain earnings, thus, each website should be well-protected and secured.

Know your customer could be a very simple phrase and won’t matter to everyone, but in the business world, it MATTERS a lot.  Knowing your customer means verifying the identity of your clients.  Aside from the security questions, personal information a customer provides when signing up for a website’s membership, some may require photo of valid Ids and other proof that one could be trusted and that one could be followed through when problem occurs.

How Know Your Customer Protect Your Business?

Credit companies and banking institution benefit most of knowing a customer.  Financial institutions are prone to hack and cheats they are transacting money.  Such companies require their customer detailed information in order to ensure that the customers they are dealing with are not involved with money laundering, corruption, and other financial crimes. You can find more details on kw on the site internetverification.

Most companies begin their Know Your Customer procedures basically by starting to collect data and information about their customer.  Most companies make use of electronic verification.  Names, social security number, address, birthdays are useful information that would identify customers.  Although some of these data duplicate, they can be verified further through supporting documents such as Valid Ids, certifications, proof of income, billing statement, etc. In fact, some companies would require their customer’s with Police Clearance, FBI Clearance, and other clearances as proof that they are not involved with any crime.

This may sound meticulous and annoying whenever we try to open an account to banks or other companies where we try ourselves to become member.  But actually, such procedure is the best way to protect the company in general.  Remember, whatever happens to the company, you as a member would be affected.