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I don’t know about you but in my case, unwanted hairs had been my dilemma at a very young age. I started seeing them grow at the start of my teenage years and I blame genetics for it. As I mature, all I ever wanted was to have these hairs removed. It is a great thing that technology continues to advance and there are many innovations that give us a lot of benefits. One of my favorite inventions is the IPL hair removal procedure and I will discuss some information about it in this article.

The use of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

There are now many ways to remove unwanted hairs and the use of IPL or intense pulsed light is one of them. In this process, application of IPL is used and there are various wavelengths that are used depending on the skin type and color. The IPL is used in the area where you want hairs to be removed permanently. It targets the dark pigment and it passes through a hand device that is focused on the affected body area. If you choose this procedure, it is important that you do not expose yourself to something that will affect the treatment like excessive heat and direct sunlight. IPL can actually be modified depending on your skin type and color. You can find more details on ipl hair removal on the site shavercentre.com.au.

Effectivity of the treatment

IPL hair removal procedure is best used in body parts like the face, back, legs, arms, underarms, and private parts as well. This treatment is not as painful as the other types of hair removal treatment. The hand piece that is used for this is soothing and cool that it actually glides smoothly on the skin. You need to have at least three to six treatments of IPL before you can achieve the best results wherein no hair will grow back ever again.