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Athanasee Zafirov And His Employment History

In order to be able to get to know more about Athanasee Zafirov, it would be nice to check out on the things that you are going to be able to do in this line. Surely, a good look at the places that has worked before would give you a better idea as to what he does and what he can do. It gives you a better perception of who he is and if you want to know someone better, it is best that you try and understand them as well and this can be a good way to do just that. Here are some of the previous places that he has worked at so that you would be able to check on it and see it for yourself too.

Letko-Brossseau and associates

A firm in Montreal, he has coordinated information for this company in regards to fixed incomes. He also did modeling of oil trends as well as global gas for this company. This is surely something that you might want to check out on when it comes down to them and that is surely what you want, most of all. This is surely going to give you an impression on the type of man that he is. Knowing something that he has done gives you better ideas on who he is as well. If you want to get more details about pixels and emotions, you may visit on https://www.pinterest.com/athanassezafirov.


This one is in Quebec and he has done some econometric estimations for them as well as for the allocation department at the same time. This is surely something that you might want to consider for sure and it is one that would tell you how much he actually likes doing just that. He is truly interested in the economy and about how market works in a global level as well so you might want to check out on it.